Thursday, February 15, 2007

Unions are twisting the words of the Vice President, and mindless minions are listening!

In a blatant attempt at furthering the cause of the almighty Union, and further limiting the rights of the individual to think for himself, Union leaders have instructed their bought and paid for politicians to draft HR800. This bill will eliminate the ability of the individual to take a stand against the Union and say "No, I do not want to Unionize". Currently, Union leaders are able to start the process of Unionization using intimidation and peer pressure. Workers are bullied into signing petitions, thinking that if they don't agree with their co-workers, there will be disharmony in the work place. When it comes to a secret vote, many who have already signed the petition in favor of the Union will vote against it. The Unions don't like this and are doing everything they can to eliminate this critical step in the process.

The "Think Progress" blog, a left-wing, socialist, anti-individualist, left-wing propaganda machine has posted an article including a video of Dick Cheney explaining exactly what is wrong with HR800 and why the White House will veto it should it come to that. The article twists these words and, rather than answering the accusations made by the Vice President, it provides a slew of biased, fear-terminology infused, Union propoganda.

What frightens me more than anything are the comments. Out of 64 comments at the time of this post, I saw 4 which were well thought out arguments against Unions. The remaining 60 comments were either simple hatred of Bush or from people who didn't bother to watch the video and were simply echoing the sentiment of the article. Only the 4 anti-Union posts made any mention of the fact that the secret vote is an important part of the process.

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