Thursday, February 08, 2007

Linspire, Canonical, Freespire, Ubuntu join forces

Canonical Ltd., the sponsor of Ubuntu, and Linspire Inc. the developer of Linspire and Freespire, on February 8 announced a technology partnership to integrate with each other's Linux distributions. Linspire/Freespire will be based on Ubuntu, rather than Debian, and Ubuntu will integrate with Linspire's CNR package installer/updater.

Personally, I think this is an excellent fit. Ubuntu's motto is "Linux for Human Beings". I interpret this to mean that Ubuntu is for those of us who want a useable desktop, and aren't necessarily worried about running "Pure Linux", or 100% GPL'ed software. Linspire, for a long time now, has been about combining the power of Linux with proprietary software, and making it simple for the end user to get what they need. The tools that Linspire has developed for distributing software, combined with the solid platform base that is Ubuntu, will go a long way towards making Linux truly a platform for human beings.

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