Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hillary dodges tough questions

Nobody seems to have picked up on this yet, but I caught a little video on CNN's website yesterday that I just can't resist commenting on. Her royal highness, Hillary Rodham Clinton (is it Rodham Clinton, or just Rodham this week?), was in Iowa recently talking about how she's going to be a great president. Apparently there were a few tough questions tossed at her. One in particular that she expertly passed the buck.

Hillary was asked about how she can be so opposed to the war in Iraq even though she voted in favor of it, and what she'd do about it. Without saying anything about what she'd do, she put the entire blame for the war on Bush, criticized him, and said he better "extricate" us from this situation before he leaves office. That's all well and good. But that's not going to happen. Bush has us over there, because we're still needed over there. We're still going to be there when the next president takes office. The individual was asking Hillary what she plans to do about it. As is typical of Hillary and other Dems, there is NO plan!

Here's the video:

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