Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blame it on the conservatives!

A co-worker came in today while I was having lunch and mentioned that "the conservatives" are to blame for the $5 billion or so that Ford has lost recently. It seems that Ford is advertising in gay magazines, and that the American Family Association takes exception to this and has launched a boycott against Ford. I don't know about you, but I consider myself a conservative (ok, a Libertarian -- I guess there's technically a difference). I'd never heard of this boycott, or even that Ford was mixing it up with the gay media. And I could care less about either one. It just annoys me that the liberals of the world think that all conservatives are gay hating religious nutcases.

I'm also annoyed at the AFA for giving a damn where Ford decides to advertise. If I'm a business, and I think there's a demographic I can target to buy my product, I'm going to advertise where that demographic is looking. Any company struggling as much as Ford has lately better be advertising everywhere they possibly can. If I were Ford, I'd be advertising my "Green Vehicles" in High Times! Get more hippies driving Ford hybrids! Oh, and what are those folks at the AFA doing reading gay magazines? Could it be maybe they have some latent homosexual tendencies they are secretly indulging in?

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