Friday, May 14, 2010

Humanity can roll over and die!

Mankind can eat large quantities of fecal matter, then roll over and die. I am officially done with people. I see no need for them anymore. I have moved on. There are no decent people anymore, no kindness, no courtesy, and certainly no good samaritans.
Yesterday, I travelled from Panama to Atlanta. I didn't have anyone in Atlanta to pick me up, so I planned to take the train as far north as it would go, then the bus as far as it went. And since the northernmost bus stop was at a mall, I was confident I'd be able to find a taxi to get the rest of the way. No such luck.
Based on memory, I thought I didn't have far to go. I've driven the distance hundreds of times, and although I've never paid much attention to the exact distance, I thought it to be just a couple miles, 5 miles at most. It wasn't a hot day either, especially considering I live in Panama, just a few hundred miles north of the equator, where it's always hot. Since I had no way to call anyone, I convinced myself I should just walk the rest of the way. Needless to say, I underestimated both the distance and the sun.
I walked 9.3 miles in the midday sun wearing a black polo shirt, jeans, and shoes that although comfortable, are obviously not meant for walking long distances. I was carrying a backpack and lugging a 50 pound suitcase, fortunately a roller-board rig. As with any walk, I started out Ok. An hour or so later, not so much. All told, it took me around 3 and a half hours to reach my destination. Most of that distance I went with no fluids. I finally passed a gas station about a mile from the house and downed 4 quarts of gatorade to replenish.
This brings me to why humanity sucks. During my three and a half hour walk, hundreds, if not thousands of cars passed me by. It was obvious to anyone looking at me that I was in a serious hurt. I was not dressed for exercise, I was not on a residential road, and nobody in their right mind could have thought I was pulling a suitcase for fun. I certainly didn't look like a crazed axe murderer, with a clean shave and recent haircut. Yet not one person had the decency to roll down their window and ask if I could use a lift. Even the motorcycle cop standing on the side of the road clocking speeders completely ignored me as I limped past him.
Of course, humanity in general has lost its decency, so screw humanity, but one thing in particular really bugged me about this. Atlanta is right square in the middle of the bible belt. There are churches everywhere (I passed at least 4). People here plaster fish, bible verses, and "What would Jesus do?" stickers all over their cars. I'll tell you what Jesus would have done. He would have stopped and offered me a ride! So where were all the good Christian soldiers yesterday? Was yesterday some sort of day off from doing unto others I didn't know about?
So roll over and die humanity, and especially all you so-called religious hypocrites who claim to be so pious yet live the same pitiful, withdrawn, uninvolved, uncaring, inhuman existence as the rest of the infidels! You did your religion proud yesterday!

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