Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time to give up on Haiti?

Maybe this is too soon to be considered politically correct, and maybe you can call me a heartless bastard, but I find myself wondering if it wouldn't make more sense to stop sending money to help rebuild Haiti and instead get the UN member nations to collectively offer a Get Out of Haiti Free card to all Haitians. There's only 9M of them, and if spread out throughout the world, they wouldn't create too much of an economic impact on any host countries.

Haiti has been stripped of its natural resources, now has practically no exports, and it's only significant industry is manufacture using imported parts. The country is over-crowded, and its citizens live in abject poverty. Why would anyone want to waste their money rebuilding it, if it's not going to change anything for the people living there? The best thing anyone can do for Haiti is to abandon it and give nature time to restore some of its original beauty.

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