Friday, January 09, 2009

Veggie Diet Update #2

I thought when I started that I might try to keep this blog updated after every meal with recipes and all, but it turns out I'm just not a dedicated enough blogger to post that often. I haven't even tweeted about every meal, although I should mention you can follow me on twitter at So I'll just post as often as I can and keep you updated that way.

My second day as a vegetarian, didn't go quite as smoothly as the first. We went over to my folks' house for dinner. They knew I had started the diet, but apparently didn't plan around it. We had Chicken Plops, potatoes, and salad. Naturally, the latter two were fine, but I was hungry after not having eaten breakfast or lunch, so I sacrificed the diet in favor of a plop.

2097_enlarged.gifDay three.. Well, I didn't eat much at all on day three. I worked from home, skipped breakfast, skipped lunch, and skipped dinner.. I periodically ate some nuts or crackers throughout the day to prevent myself from getting too hungry. I had a Cup-o-Noodles a little while before bed.

I almost repeated the same thing today. Skipped breakfast as I'm wont to do when I go to the office. Almost skipped lunch, but got a hunger pang while I was out at the bank, and popped into Sweet Tomatoes. Some of you readers may be more familiar with Sweet Tomatoes by the franchise's other name: Souplantation. I guess that's the left coast name. Had a salad (of course), which was almost completely vegetarian (I think one of the pre-mixxed salads had a little bit of bacon in it) and Veggie Chili. I didn't expect much from the Chili, but it was actually pretty good. Almost as tasty as the real thing.

Of course, that was nearly 10 hours ago, and I haven't eaten dinner yet. I'm hungry enough to eat a horse, but that's obviously not on the diet, so I'll probably heat up another Cup-o-Noodles. Question though.. Does "Chicken Flavor" count as vegetarian even if there's no actual meat in there?

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You could always fast!!