Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm sort of starting to think about maybe someday moving my domain away from my "free" web hosting company. I've recently moved my DNS to FreeDNS by, and my e-mail to Google for Domains. I've been using Flickr for awhile now to host my photos. And since I'm both a Google fanatic and a lazy slacker, I thought I might as well move my blog to a free hosting system owned by Google. Now the only work I have to do is post (a massive undertaking for me, I'll admit). Granted I lose a little bit in the functionality department. I did have my blog in Wordpress that I could do just about anything with using plug-ins, but I'm using an old version and don't feel like making the effort to upgrade it. Besides, my free hosting is only free until the hosting provider realizes I haven't given them any money in a couple of years and shuts me off. Can't have that happen!

It's a shame Blogger doesn't give me the ability to import. I guess this will just have to become my first post on the new system. I'll keep the old blog around for as long as I can, but since nobody reads it, I'm sure it'll die off sooner than later.

So welcome to my "new and improved" Fear of Work blog! Maybe this time I'll keep it more up to date!

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